Blogger Demographics

June 5, 2007

Since the goal of this blog is to envision what advertising and marketing will/can look like in the realm of social media, I thought it would be in my best interest to post an entry of information I’ve compiled about blogging (so as to reference it in the future).


The map above is a visual representation of the blogosphere and is explained in this Discovery online article. It was created by Matthew Hurst, who maintains the blog Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media.

So who are these people? Advertising Age posted the article Who Blogs?, which includes a handy pdf of some demographics at the end. For an in-depth view of bloggers, you can read another pdf report by the Pew Internet Project. In addition, BusinessWeek compiled a list of the most popular bloggers at the moment (I think it’s important to note that four of the eleven are technology centered, i.e., we are a bunch of nerds who are a real minority when compared to the rest of America; but that’s okay with me). Aside from those who are winning the digital popularity contest, most people write about the “mundane,” according to another BusinessWeek article, and, accordingly, are not read by very many people. Finally, one interesting trend that is taking root as far as advertising is the increasing popularity of widgets, which creates many opportunities for advertisers to put their stamp on someone’s (online) social activities. I feel this is a great step toward making a presence in the digital sphere, and should be developed further (for instance, after checking out widgets for MySpace, I tried out a few different sites and found some to be severely limited and disappointing… but that’s for another post).



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