The Application We’ll Need Soon

September 28, 2007

So the writers over at Wisdump got me to thinking with a post about surfing the web like Tom Cruise. If you’ve watched the movie “Minority Report,” you know exactly what the author is talking about. A few days after reading the entry, I saw this demonstration:

After my boss watched it, he agreed with me: because we are reaching a point where memory storage is becoming so cheap, the thing we are going to need fairly soon is a simple and beautiful means to organize and browse the world’s information. Will it look like Tom Cruise’s method from “Minority Report”? I don’t know. One thing I do know is that I want it to combine the beauty and simplicity of what I’ve seen from the OSX Leopard previews along with the  tactile browsing of this new technology:

So if you have Seadragon (the first video), the multi-touch interface tool of the second video (which takes up such less space than the Microsoft Surface), and then the beautiful/intuitive interface like Leopard, we have what I want from the next generation of browsing. Add to that a seamless integration of wireless technology (for instance, putting a wireless flash drive on my desktop to view work files) and I would be in heaven.

And all of this is not simply to satisfy my internal nerdiness. Imagine the benefits: if my workspace was only a thin glass table on four legs and all my files were digital, think of all the resources that would not be wasted in making my workspace. A computer screen as thin as the multi-touch surface tool and a glass table takes away a great amount of all the wood, plastic and metal parts of my desk. And the forests of paper that fill my drawers. So such a minimalistic design helps with the environment.

Secondly, we will be reaching a point in the near future where all of our data may simply lie dormant; as the gentleman in the second video remarks: we have all this data but it’s just sitting there. Soon we will need a way to organize and browse all of that information, especially with the flexibility to allow for the inclusion of the social aspect of information-sharing.

Dude this stuff gets me so pumped 😛


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