Dell Goes After A Pet Peeve Of Mine

November 30, 2007

Although Dell’s third quarter figures rose compared to last year, The Wall Street Journal pointed out that purchases from businesses overall has remained stagnant. So, Dell went and figured out a way to increase their bottom line: sue cybersquatters, especially with a nifty little charge tacked on that could take damages from $1000 per domain to the millions.

Now don’t get me wrong: typo/cybersquatters annoy the hell out of me. Purchasing domains for clients always becomes a little more tricky because these people run schemes to keep the URL tied up as they switch them around for free, while also making money off of AdWords commissions. This practice also ends up costing my clients valuable money in their pay-per-click campaigns (Richard Ball has the same issue for some of his campaigns and has a great analysis of this on Apogee Weblog).

I really don’t see Dell winning this case but, oddly enough, I am secretly rooting for them. Even if they do win I don’t foresee smaller companies like mine being able to chase these squatters around for money that infringes on our clients’ domains, but it would be nice to see less of this junk showing up as referrers in our Analytics reports.


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