Eisner Has A Point Concerning the Writer’s Strike, But…

January 9, 2008

…he’s being quite a jerk about it. Jeff Bercovici has kept tabs on the phrases used by Michael Eisner to describe the current writer’s strike; those phrases include “stupid,” “misguided,” and “insanity.” In an interview with Ad Age (sorry, subscription required after jump), he also called the strike “foolish.”

Now, Mr. Bercovici has elsewhere pointed out how Michael Eisner may not be the internet visionary he likes to make himself out as, but I do have to say this: while I do not appreciate Eisner’s course rhetoric, he has a point. Right now the pie that the Writer’s Guild is going after is small, and there isn’t much to go around. Not because the powers-that-be have it all gobbled up, but because, truly, there isn’t much on the plate.

However, I disagree with Eisner’s assertion that it will take three years to figure this out. Distributors and content owners want to get paid as much as the writers; they will figure it out sooner. For instance, if my personal habits went from die-hard appointment television fan to utilizing iTunes, NetFlix, and ’30 Rock’ on NBC.com for my content consumption, I have a feeling the money-makers are racking their brains to get something out the door faster than three years from now; to them, that’s probably an eternity.


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