Blogging For Money; FCC Auctions

January 15, 2008

Blogging For Money

Another story from the Journal did a great run-down of some new ways bloggers can take their labor of love (i.e., making enough money each month to cover hosting fees) to an actual cha-ching enterprise (i.e., being able to cover monthly hosting fees and some extra lattes for all those late-night marathon writing sessions). Unfortunately, the article is centered around how to do the best advertising program for your blog… which, once again, leaves us with no better ideas about monetizing Web 2.0 than slapping ads on whitespace.

FCC Airwaves Auction

I found an article on Bloomberg that was very useful in clarifying what the FCC auction will look like when it starts in two weeks. Also, the Wall Street Journal reported that Frontline Wireless has met it’s “demise” even before the auction started. Interesting, because the company was able to get a 25% small-business discount credit, but nevertheless ended up not being able to make the minimum bid.


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