MacBook Air

January 15, 2008

Apple Announces MacBook Air

Jobs’ keynote speech was, among other things, the introduction of the MacBook Air, a super-thin laptop with beefed up wireless capabilities.

So, it’s confession time: I’m a part of the Apple cult. I converted to a MacBook in April. I am never going back… except for when I am absolutely forced to use PC at work. Anyways, how bad am I steeped into the cult? I almost cried when I watched the MacBook Air demo.

One thing that floored me was that the demo shows someone using a PC. First, it was incredible that a video demo on showed someone using a PC, but it was even more incredible that Apple seems to be touting a new compatibility with their competitor. Hopefully this small step with help bridge the gap for others to start converting. We need more people in the fold!!!



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