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My “Smartphone” And Windows Mobile

January 23, 2008

Windows Mobile

Another Reason Why I Can’t Stand Microsoft Products

Supposedly setting up ActiveSync is a breeze. Months ago when I actually used my Motorola Q for work email, it was a nightmare and I really never got it working correctly. Now, for the time being, all I want is to get my short videos and pictures onto a personal PC (scroll down to page 14 for the simple step-by-step guide). Is it wrong for me to assume that, even though I work with computers, I should not have to be a software engineer to figure out how to sync my Motorola Q with a PC? The other day I installed the Sync software and instead of being able to plug it in via the USB port and have it work its magic, I got the error message “Cannot find the mobile device.” Great. Then, I had to run a component of the software to “help” me find everything wrong with this failed connection, leading me to pages of confusing tips.

I just figure that, if the software on my Q is made by Microsoft and the software on the PC is made by Microsoft, and the software on my Q carries the name of Windows (Mobile 5.0) and the software on the PC carries the name of Windows (XP), then it should be a fairly seamless process, right?

Mark my words: the person who is going to make some of the most money in the next decade is the person who figures out how to make this digital mess work together: my AIM account (brandingme) through my Q, my Q to my MacBook (ugh, do I even want to subject my MacBook to that???), all the world’s web pages with FireFox, Safari and IE (and I guess Opera), and hell, even Microsoft software with Microsoft software.

You get my point. And trust, that person who makes it work together, he will be rolling in the dough.

[note to self: become programming language god]