More About Me

Um What?Adrian Palacios is writing from the perspective of one of America’s most coveted demographics (which at the moment is Generation Y). This blog is supposed to be a growing narrative of his thought processes on how to successfully advertise in the changing media landscape (so if he gets off target, make sure to keep him in line). He’s been interested in the esoteric concept of advertising and marketing since high school, so he attended college and earned a B.A. in English in May of 2006. He currently works in New York City in the advertising field (but as a professional he’s really new, and as such asks for mercy when you send critiques/criticisms).

Want to make his day? Drop a line at or chat with him about social media on AIM (username: brandingme). Or, ask his favorite bloggers Fake Steve and Steve Rubel (ha! isn’t that ironic…) to link to one of his posts so he finally gets some exposure (but only if you feel he deserves it).

PS-If you were just perusing the web for your long lost friend, you can always say hi to Adrian Palacios on Facebook.


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